Solar Control

Control of your home solar stations!

Monitoring MODBUS-compatible inverters. Day stats, alerts in case of errors. Support multiple inverters from different manufacturers simultaneously

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Our advantages:
Inverter monitoring

Simultaneous monitoring of different inverters from different manufacturers

Remote notification

Error notification and handling - remote inverter configuration

video surveillance

Integration of video surveillance systems


Interoperability with 80% of inverters

Several of your inverters from different manufacturers in one spot!

Our device supports 80% of protocol-compatible solar inverters MODBUS. Fronius, Huawei, etc.

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Control in the Solar Control smartphone
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Full control

Receive notifications of error statuses, network failures, and accidents that happened. Momentarily. It's free. Anywhere in the world. The advanced package contains a personal web cabinet, with inverter indicators!

Telegram-bot demo
24/7 Solar Control notification

Integration with modern security systems

Worried about the safety of your solar stations? The modules of our device allow you to use alarm sound and light signals, detect motion, and send photos of the intruders right into your phone! When buying a VIP kit, it is possible to integrate professional defense kit


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integration with Solar Control inverters
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Video about Solar control

Want to know more ?

The power of our devices is astonishing, at the bottom of the numbers that will tell a bit more about us. And don't forget to watch the video ;)





>10 MWh


Our partners:

Our rates:

* Subject to the payment of the rental price of the device, in the amount of $ 100
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$ 5 / month

Monitoring device in basic configuration
Monitoring via Telegram Bot
Support for 2 or more inverters of the same manufacture
Support external USB camera

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$ 7 / month

The device designer is available
Integration of the basic set of security system
Personal web cabinet
Full autonomy
Includes basic package

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$ 10 / month

7" touch screen
Support inverters from different manufacturers
Personal IP address, IP camera,
Includes basic and advanced packages
24/7 support

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Individual price

For business
24/7 support
Check health of your installed stations
Individual and powerful functional
Partnership program

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